"TO JE ISTO KAO KAD MAJKA DOJI TEK ROĐENO DETE" Ova seksi mama pije smutije od sperme kako bi ojačala imunitet zbog korone (FOTO)

Majka dvoje dece veruje da to što pije smuti sa čašicom sperme, joj je pomoglo da ojača svoj imunitet da se ne bi zarazila koronom

Trejsi Kis
Trejsi Kis, Foto: instagram/tracykissdotcom

Trejski Kis (32) tvrdi da nije imala prehladu niti da je bila bolesna već tri godine zbog koktela koji napravi uz pomoć svog dečka, a pije ga tri puta nedeljno.

Trejsi je lični trener ali i bodibilderka:
"Nalazim da su veganske alternativne metode najbolje za imuni sistem. Ne znate šta se nalazi u farmaceutskim lekovima, mnogo je bolje za telo da pijete nešto što nema hemije."ističe Trejsi i dodaje:

"Ne razlikiju se mnogo nego kad majka doji tek rođeno dete, ona daje potrebne nutritivne vrednosti koji su potrebni. Nije za svakog ali je prepuno vitamina, nisam imala prehladu od kad sam počela da pijem od 2017- godine. Još ga stavljam i na lice da očistim moju kožu!"

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Left or right? 🖤 I remember standing in the line up at school with my heart racing waiting to be picked for the sports team and being one of the very last ones left who nobody wanted because I was so shy and nervous. Today I’m a professional athlete, personal trainer and fitness journalist. I remember sitting on the edge of the bath naked one night sobbing over how I looked since having my two children after an ex told me that I needed to lose weight and wear more makeup. Today I’ve been published in thousands of magazines, newspapers and TV shows across the world as a lingerie model and influencer and I speak out about women’s rights, sexual health and societal taboos to break down the stigma. I remember trying to hide the sound of my stomach rumbling in the office in front of my boss because all I’d eaten was a banana in the past 24hrs as the world used to only accept skinny people. Today I’m a nutrition advisor specialising in plant-based superfoods to build strength, muscle mass and support the immune system optimally on a vegan diet. We grow through what we go through my darlings, all of life is one invaluable lesson after the next, our experiences serve to teach us to overcome negativity and embrace change and self acceptance. It’s taken me almost 3 decades to find my peace, I hope you will find yours too 🙏🏼 Dresses: @femmeluxefinery #selfacceptance #independentwoman #fashionblogger #survivor #allblackeverything

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Trejsi isitče kad je najbolje piti ovaj smuti: "Najbolje je da ga konzumirate što bliže produktu da bi dobili sve potrebne nutritivne vrednosti i beneficije!" 


Otkriva da nekad koristi i frižider: "Često ih stavljam u frižider, tamo gde držim led, pošto smo moj partner i ja u vezi na distanci. Kvantitet zavisi koliko je moj dečko hidriran tog dana. Nekad imam za jednu čašicu, a nekad ga stavim u smuti sa bananama."

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So I shot a YouTube video earlier which I’m probably going to release later on today my darlings. This week I was on a TV show in the UK called The Sex Clinic (series 2 episode 2) which I filmed last summer when I was asked to speak openly about sex - something that I adore. I was filmed having a meeting with a sexy therapist and discussed the fact that I’ve always had a very high sex drive as a woman - something more commonly experienced by men and a taboo in female society. I wanted to understand if I had a sex addiction or just a healthy sex drive and was told that there was nothing “wrong” with me and it’s my “normal” to enjoy and want so much sex - we are all different and all have our own version of “normal” which others may or may not agree with. Whilst I receive a lot of praise and compliments from the public for speaking so honestly, some of the online comments were as 2020 as I knew they would be - unkind, critical and small-minded from grown men and women who should know better - so I read them out in my video and gave my response to each piece of hate. Whilst the experience was cathartic I’ve come to realise that it’s not MY responsibility to change people’s minds or make them better and more accepting of others. My responsibility is to continue living my life with the unconditional love, enthusiasm and positivity that I enjoy without worrying about the things that I cannot change. So just as I’m sharing my delicious healthy nutritious breakfast with all you now because it makes me feel good from within, it’s up to YOU what YOU eat, just as it’s up to you what you do. I’m simply sharing what works best for me and brings me such happiness🧡 #youdoyou #noworriesbehappy #livingmybestlife #memyselfandi #dontletanyonebringyoudown

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"Ovo striktno gledam iz perspektive zdravlja. Mnogi ljudi pokušavaju da na nove načine podignu svoj imunitet kad počne da oseća simptome, ali tada je kasno. Morate da ga ojačate pre nego što bolest dođe, kako bi znali da možete da se borite sa njom" - istakla je Kis!  

Ona veruje da će joj njen smuti pomoći sa koronavirusom:

"To nije ništa drugačije nego kad mijete med i limun sa vodom kad imate prehladu. Ako nemate partnera možete da pitate muškog prijatelja koji je zdrav. Mnogi misle da se šalim zato što deluje previše dobro da bi bilo istinito".

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Rate my dress out of 10? ❤️I’ve got sexy uncensored shots of this pretty lace on www.onlyfans.com/tracykiss where you can get 30days of content for just $3 in my quarantine sale! 🔥 Thank you to the sweetheart who surprised me with this from my Amazon wishlist, I just love the colours red, orange and yellow because they’re so bright, vibrant and empowering. We all deserve to feel at ease in the skin we are in at every age, we may all go about that in different ways but the end goal is ultimately the same - to feel “ok” about our bodies and achieve body confidence. Some people wear control clothing to hold any unwanted lumps and bumps in place so that they can feel more confident wearing tight clothing whilst others prefer something loose and less figure-hugging to conceal their shape beneath. Being a lifelong vegetarian and vegan I’ve always been slim and athletic, but after having my two children I became covered in stretch marks from pregnancy and developed loose skin. Over time my stretch marks faded from blood red to a pale white colour and in turn I’ve covered them with tattoos; initially because I struggled to accept my stretchmarks as a young woman but secondly because my bodyart is so meaning and personal to me that I just love it and wanted more and more with each tattoo that I had. I’ve had four breast surgeries now - not through choice as I should have only ever needed one to balance the size my very asymmetrical and uneven natural breasts, but because I was victim to a medical scandal which left me needing a breast reconstruction and my replacement implants were then found to cause cancer and developed complications. I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m not trying to change myself, I don’t look at myself and think I’m “attractive” I’m just ME. I no longer apologise or feel ashamed of the flaws and imperfections I have, but I’m thankful for my health and happiness, in turn that has led me to achieve body confidence. The less we care about what other people think of us the happier we will be, never measure yourself against others, walk your own path, take your own time and be unconditionally you 🙏🏼 #beyou #individual #unique #imperfect #bodyconfidence

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